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Can I water cool the spindle in my Piranha,

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  • Can I water cool the spindle in my Piranha,

    Good afternoon all.

    First to wish you all a better 2022 than 2021. OK That's got that out of the way, so is it possible to change my noisy old router for a much quieter water cooled one on my Piranha FX . I have to assume that I can but then which spindle will fit the carrier clamp that I am now using or is there a special clamp that fits a certain spindle. I am in the UK and we use 220 V; so my router is a Brit made one.
    The various videos I have seen seem to imply that there is different wiring to be done, Is this correct or is it just the same as connecting the original router?
    The cooling system is not really a problem as this is a seperate item,

    Thanks in advance,

    Stay safe and well