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Is there a factory reset for the piranha

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  • Is there a factory reset for the piranha

    Hello all.

    I had just gone the roughing cut for my project and all finished perfectly. I had set it all up on my computer and viewed both the roughing and finishin toolpaths several times to make sure it all was OK.

    I then made sure the router was at the home position I had started with, raised the bit and changed it tot he finishing bit. Checked everything once more and hit the start button on the pendant,

    Immediate chaos. The router went to the start position, and I alwasy hover a finger over the stop button jsut in case, then it plunged straight down and the shook the whole machine for a few seconds until I managed to stop it.

    Raised the router, and hitthe home button........ Now all the pendamt contols are totally screwed up. Most just want to move the router in the Y direction, Even the up and down buttons just make the router go away,

    I had opened the manual and put Factory Reset in the search box bit it came back with NO MATCHES, So IS there a way of resetting the factory settings. Or is the controller totally wrecked.

    I will talk to the support team as well. but any suggetions from here would be a great help.

    Stay safe.