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  • Piranha maintenemce

    HI all. I hope you are all keeoing safe and well.

    I have a Piranha FX and it works very nicely, provided I set it up correctly, and I give it the daily wipe down and dust off with compressed air. It is now well ovr a year old and I am wondering if there is something else I should be doing to keep it in good shape.

    I was thinking of adding a touch of silicone grease to the drive threads but wonderd if that might end up getting into the drive motors. so for now it has just been a wipe over with WD 40 on a rag.

    Anything else I should do? Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance,



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    I don't know for sure about this but, I just saw a couple of maintenance videos on YouTube about the shark 4 and 5 models and I think most of those apply to the Piranha, the one thing I did do though was use Dry Bicycle chain lube to lubricate everything that moves outside the router. It is kind of scary when I realize that I have had my XL for almost 4 years, fortunately in the last year I learned how to use the software.