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Considering buying 7 watt laser attachment

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  • Considering buying 7 watt laser attachment

    I have had the 2 watt laser attachment for my Piranha XL ever since I got it an have used it often. It works fine but I on most projects, I would like a darker burn. I slow the feed rate and do more than one pass which helps but I am looking at the 7 watt unit. Is this worth the $1000 price tag as compared to the 2 watt? Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations that I should know before I take the plunge? I am looking for information so I don't make an ill-advised expensive purchase. Any help is appreciated.

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    I too have the 2 watt, but it is way too slow for me. The performance is inconsistent. I’m glad it has worked out well for you. I would think the 7 watt would be a huge increase in performance (burn consistency) and speed. I now use a 40 watt CO2 laser, but am limited to 8”x12” bed for now.
    Personally I would consider a 50 Watt with a 12 x 20 bed. It will run you around $1800 plus cost of LightBurn ($40-$80) software. There are other cost, but the flexibility and capabilities are many. Search “K40 Laser” using google. Things to consider would include water chiller (water needs to be 68-69f). There are cheaper ways to do this, but a chiller is best (~$400-$550).


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      I upgraded from the 2 watt to a 7 watt earlier his year and have been seeing times 3-4 times faster. Nextwave also has a trade-in program so the actual out of pocket cost is $750.