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  • Seeing "Double-Z"

    I recently acquired from an estate sale a 5 year old FX that was new-in-the-box. I've had a number of issues but have been able to resolve all but one... the z-axis moves at double the distance from whatever input I enter. If I set the spoil board to 0 and move the z-axis up 1" it goes up 2". On any design I create in VCarve I have to halve the distance in order to get the correct depth. I can't find any setting to cut the z-distance in half. The firmware has been updated on both the controller and pendant. Any suggestions?

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    What post processor are you using ?


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      CNC-Piranha Arcs (inch)

      But for any value that I manually input into the pendant for the z-axis, the value/distance also gets doubled. So if I set the bit at the spoilboard level to 0 and then enter .5" to move the bit up, it moves up to 1" above the board.
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        Contacted Tech Support and within 15 minutes I got my answer. I had the incorrect model number in setup. Should have been 102. Great Tech Support for being so quick to respond!