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Laser engraving on pens with Piranha

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  • Laser engraving on pens with Piranha

    I am having difficulty engraving pens with consistency. I have set the laser any where from spindle speed/feed rate 200/20 to 1000/20. The best success is using 600/20, which works for 1 pen but when I try to engrave another, the laser head drops closer to the work (sometimes touching). A screen shot is attached. What am I doing prevents me from repeating an engraving?

    Also, any advice for engraving on an acrylic pen vs wood.

    TIA... Ken

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    I so wished NWA would monitor these posts.... Someone there has to have some answers... I would assume they have a good relationship with Vectric and could get answers rather quickly.


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      I agree.... I *think* I found a work-around... If I set zero to the bottom of the material, it seems to work using a spindle speed of 500 & 40 inch/min