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In line timer to shut off router and vacuum ?

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  • In line timer to shut off router and vacuum ?

    I'm sure this has been hashed out long before I have thought of it so why re-invent the wheel ..I build lots of small items run times vary from 21 to 28 mins per run ..I am doing other "stuff" while my Piranha is running ..some times it finishes at very inopportune times like when I am applying oil finish who has figured out and proven out a reliable countdown timer that will shut off the router & Vac say 1 min. after the known run times .....

    Here is what I have found so far ...

    It is 15 Amp rated 110v with 2 outlet plugs and has the countdown capability of up to 1 hour in 1 min. increments .....

    ALSO ...for you more experienced guys ..if I've not thought of something that would be negative in doing this PLEASE jump in here and also by all means add any additional ideas/thoughts

    Keep in mind I do not want to turn my "Fish" off and lose my ZERO as I will be making the same part all day long ..and will be in ear shot or eye sight of as it is running ...and no bit changes