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Completely NOOB request for help!!

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  • Completely NOOB request for help!!

    This is a plea for help, from a complete NOOB.

    I have a piranha XL, that I am trying to use for the first time. As in, just trying to do a "test".

    I was following a youtube tutorial, to simply do a V Carve of the word "Test", and ran into two problems (possibly related).

    So in the tutorial, it says to select in the "post processor" it says to select CNCPiranha 3D Contour (inch)(*.tap) but that is NOT an option for me. When I look, the closest I can find is CNCPiranha-Arcs (inch) (*tap). i try that.. and save it to the thumb drive, and when I try to plug it into the pendant, it see's the file, but does NOT let me "load" the way he does in the video... but if I select it, and hit next, it says it is done, but does not list any lines sent to the machine (and the machine did nothing).

    Is the video out of date? can anyone point me in the direction of some simple, beginner tutorials ?

    I was trying to do the simplest tutorial, and follow along EXACTLY as he did in the video, and where differed was not able to find the machine in "post" ... and the pendant did not do what his did in the video.

    Thank you in advance, for any help,


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    Ok.. follow up.. I now see that there is a PDF in th esupport sect, telling how to add a post processor to vcarve.... just need to copy the file into the correct folder .. which sounds great, but, it does not tell me where to GET the file ??


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      All the down loads are here
      if you use the module that automatically turns on the router you need to use the shark post processor
      CNCShark-USB_NewArcs_inch Vcarve, Aspire and Cut 3D Post Processor (1/13/2012) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

      CNCShark-USB_3dContour_inch Vcarve, Aspire and Cut 3D Post Processor (1/13/2012) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


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        Hi! Thank you scotttarnor !

        Quick update: I figured out what I was doing wrong... In case someone else has this problem, My problem was a combination of missing a button to select the paths to save (Doh!) , and the pendent did not like my USB drive.

        I saw a post someplace, where someone said they went threw 3 USB drives before they found one that the pendant would reliable read. That was my experience also.

        Random question/request: Is anyone out there in the Boston MA area, that would be available to give some in person lessons?