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Viewing a tap file

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  • Viewing a tap file

    Over time I have accumulated to many tap files I can't remember cause I failed to save the crv file. I know on the shark in our classroom ( non pendent model ) you can view the tap file in the shark control panel. Question is, is there a control panel that can be used on my Piranha to view them ?

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    If you down load the Control Panel located here you can open tap files, If you do not have your machine hooked up when you open the program just select cancel and it will take you to the registration page, You can register or just select close and the program will open. Then you can load the tap file and view the G code


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      Thanks, I'll try when I have more time. Do I have to disconnect my pendant using control panel ?


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        No you use a USB cable from the pendant to the pendant, connecting can be picky sometimes requiring unplugging the cable waiting a minute then reconnecting.


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          Thank you for your help