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Reverse x and y axis

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  • Reverse x and y axis

    Has anyone reversed the X and Y axis on their Piranha XL?
    it seems to me this would be a huge advantage. I’m using V Carve pro and I have to remember to turn my work piece and the design 90° before re-calculating tool paths and saving to my flash drive.
    If you’ve done it successfully, please share how you did it. I know just reversing the X and Y cables will not work. At least from what I’ve read another posts concerning a Shark.
    perhaps there is a settings mode for the pendant that is similar to the shark?

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    If you go to 'Transform Objects' while you have your object selected, the fourth symbol should say 'Mirror Selected object' when you hover over it. Click and choose.
    Another way; click your object then click again. Go to the outside center button at the right or left or top or bottom. When you see the arrow there drag past the opposite side. Hope that is clear.


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      Kunkel 19. I’m a little lost. What is your process solving?
      Or another way to “reset” my finished design to the necessary X/Y orientation?