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Files not showing on USB in pendant

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  • Files not showing on USB in pendant

    I have a shark HD4 and use the vcarve pro that came with it for the Piranha and not the desktop version

    In vcarve I changed the processor to the CNCPiranha-usb arcs(inch) (*tap)
    Opened the files that I wanted to save and use on the Piranha machine using the processor above and saved to the supplied USB stick.
    The pendant doesn't show the files. I've did a restore to see if that might be the problem but that did not solve my problem. Doing a search here I don't see where anyone posted a problem like this one so I'm guessing it's user error. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

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    Update, I did a test, I used my original file that I created for my shark using the shark processor and that file does show up on the piranha pendant so I did a test run on the piranha. The file does run however the zero is off by about 1/4 inch so it is not running the file correctly with the shark post processor tap file.