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  • Duty cycle

    I was running a project and the complete run time is about 4 hrs. 2hours in the pendant stopped responding. Controller feels warm but pendant is cool.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I've had similar issues and determined the file size was too much for the controller to handle. Solution was to use multiple toolpaths if possible.


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      I'm a long time owner - before pendant - and now have an HD4 with pendant. Back in the early days I realized how poor the power was in my shop, and that it might be affecting the performance of the shark. I use an UPS to condition the power going to the control box and since then have never had a problem with long run times or jobs pausing in the middle. Routinely run 6-14 hour jobs with pendant with no problem. The UPS also enables a graceful shutdown if there is a power outage - about 5 minutes in my case. I won't claim with authority it will solve your problem, but do think worth considering. I'm not aware of a limitation in file size with the pendant.