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High Pitch Frequency Sound on start up

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  • High Pitch Frequency Sound on start up

    I have a new Piranha and as yet not actually used as I am making some enclosures but in the movement testing phase with a simple tool path there is a very high frequency sound on start up (as well as the expected sounds) beyond my damaged high frequency hearing range but my techie buddy has to leave the shop as he hears it and it is piercing to the point he says it gives him a headache. He has this same experience with other electronic devices on occasion and often finds it is either a part problem or an internal connection problem.

    So the question, is this normal or is there something wrong?

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    Like I said I think the sound is probably related to the stepper motors locking the drive screws.

    You say "as well as the expected sounds", what sounds are you hearing and how are the different than the sound you are talking about?


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      It differs my buddy says in pitch, very high "squeal" that I cannot hear (I have High Frequency hearing damage) and different from the "normal" sounds when turning with a cold start


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        It kind of sounds like your buddy has a problem with high pitched noises that you say you can't hear but most other people might not be able to hear them either. I still think it might be the sound produced by the stepper motors when they engage.

        Hopefully someone else will have an answer for you.


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          When the stepper motors engage, there is a high-freq whine that I have heard. It almost sounds musical when they are moving the piranha to cut or lase a circle or arc.

          Different people do hear different sounds. I have had high-freq hearing loss, too, but there is something about a bad flyback transformer (old television sets, radar repeaters, etc.) that gets through to me and no one else hears it, seems like.


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          Thnx Meb and Tony: Yes, my buddy has very acute hearing and has solved a lot of my computer and network problems with that ability and his concern is that something may be faulty as he has heard that sound before in other electronics that was a signal of a bad part or faulty/crossed connection.

          My first carvings will be simple ones left over from my "Shopbot Buddy" machine after I get the PFX encased so if this sound interferes with the same drawing with tap paths that was produced before then that will provide evidence that something is wrong, on the other hand if the existing sound is a signal of a pending problem it may not show up until later.

          We shall see and thnx again for your info on the topic, I plan to move ahead and get ready for the first carving trial when the enclosure/dust case is completed.