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Can not get pendant on new FX to go past the blue NextWave Automation splash screen

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  • Can not get pendant on new FX to go past the blue NextWave Automation splash screen

    Brand new machine - I have everything hooked up correctly. Pendant screen comes on and reluctantly does the touch screen calibration then goes to the blue splash screen but the continue button does nothing. It is as though the pendant does not sense a touch on the button - or anywhere else. Any ideas?
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    I do hope you have been in touch with support.


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      Yes, problem solved.


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        This is interesting as mine stopped working yesterday 08-09-2019... exactly the same scenario... Would you mind telling us what the fix was?


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          Since the machine was brand new, the pendant was replaced. A trick that might work on yours since it was working is to run a sheet of paper all around between the pendant frame and the screen. If a chip or saw dust gets wedged in the space between the touch screen and the frame, it can lock things up according to the support team.
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            Amazingly the piece of paper trick worked perfectly! Thanks!

            Here is the detailed response from the support team... I did have to do the touch screen calibration described in steps 4-8 to reset everything.

            1. Power the CNC machine off
            2. Take a folded sheet of paper or card stock and slide it between the glass and the plastic housing lip.
            3. Slide the paper under all four edges to remove any debris possibly caught under the lip.
            4. Place and hold a finger or thumb on the glass screen and power the CNC Machine on
            5. This will bring you to a white screen stating:
            a. "Performing touch screen calibration. Touch screen to continue."
            6. Using a stylus or eraser end of a pencil touch the screen to continue
            7. You will then receive a message to "Press and Release on the filled circle."
            8. Press the filled circle in the:
            a. Top left corner
            b. Top right corner
            c. Bottom right corner
            d. Bottom left corner

            9. Once completed you will come to another screen giving directions on how to repeat the process.
            10. Touching the screen again will bring you to the Main CNC window.
            11. Select Continue