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Losing Z axis zero

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  • Losing Z axis zero

    I am routing a file. Simple sign. It routed one letter, and then started cutting air. It's like it changed the Z zero. This is the second time in a row that this has happened. The first time was an image. I have made sure everything is tight, because I thought maybe the bit or router slid up.

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    I had this issue once, and it drove me nuts, until I actually watched closely to see what was really happening. In my case I had my bit seated too deeply into the router, so when the router was pathing to cut deeper sections, it was actually bottoming out on the Z movement capability (hard stop) but the motors kept spinning, thinking it was able to go to the programed depth. For example say cut was supposed to go an inch down but there was only .75" of travel left in the z axis, it would hit the hard stop at .75 but motors would keep spinning till it thought it was at 1". Then when it would go to raise back up that 1" it would be starting from that .75" depth it hit on the hard limit and go up an inch, leaving it .25" higher than it started to begin with. Hope that helps.


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      I have the same problem in a piece of wood. the depth of the Z is adjust to 1/8 "and approximately the axis to more than 1/2" and the knife is well fixed, the knife is 1/8 "endmill up spiral one flute (the trouble is it that the knife is too aggressive.)


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        I am having a similar issue on my Shark Pro. It has recently been getting worse and is at the point of unreliable.

        My issue occurs only with the Z axis, the others are good.

        When the z raises between cuts it is not going to the height that the system believes it is going to. Due to this, it goes much lower on the following cut. When I E-Stop and say return to zero, it is off by nearly an inch. I have lost multiple projects now and am trying to find out what is wrong.

        - I cleaned the z axis thoroughly. To do this I took off the router and mounting bracket along with the servo motor. I meticulously cleaned all of the parts and ensured smooth movement up and down. I checked the plastic threads on the t nut and did not see any damage nor did the bearings or t-nut catch anywhere.

        - I have 2 driver chips for the z axis (1 extra), the problem is occuring on both of them and they were both known to be fine prior to this issue. The problem also occurred when I used the y axis driver board (which has never had an issue).

        - the servo seems to operate fine as i tested it when i disconnected it from the rod. It spun well even after grabbing onto lightly.

        - i changed the x & z cable out and could not effectively replicate the problem. It seems to only occur after running a file and I still could not replicate it.

        See Below - you can see the actual location of the bit is below zero and part way cutting through my circle. It was in the process of moving to the next circle to cut out when I caught it. According to the program, you can see it believes the Z is at .625 ABOVE my project.

        Any help would be immensely appreciated.
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