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    I am trying to cut a file and have set my HOME position to the center of my project. I am "air cutting" the file and all seems to be okay. However, if I stop the run and hit "HOME" to take it back so I can turn on the router and make the cuts, the router does NOT go back to the correct spot. It seems to be randomly picking places to stop. The pendant does say "0, 0, 0.5" at the new spot. Any ideas on what I need to do to get this fixed?

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    I'm having the same issue. Did you figure out how to fix it?


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      Me too. It can be off set by at last a quarter of an inch, This messed up a plaque that has a carved surround with a cat face logo in the centre, The face went up the Y axis a quarter inch, I assumed that it owuld go back to the original centre,,,, It didn't. So how can this be fixed? I did try it again and moved the home position manually as near as I could guess to where it should be, and the result was colse but not perfect, HELP. !!!


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        No, but I have been so busy with other projects that I just left the machine where it was. I'll get back to it in a couple of weeks or so - I hope.