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Piranha FX x-axis bearing shot--replaceable?

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  • Piranha FX x-axis bearing shot--replaceable?

    Is my machine garbage now, or fixable?

    I've discovered a bit of radial play, and a lot of axial play, in the bearing opposite the x-axis motor on my Piranha FX. The bearing usually works its way halfway in and out of its socket each time the head travels back and forth along the x-axis. At random times from 1 to 100 minutes into a run, the axis now randomly seizes up and skips an inch or so before forcing its way through and continuing the rest of the toolpath with a bad X zero. (even when just "cutting air" with the router motor off).

    Of course, this has caused a lot of cuts to screw up pretty spectacularly when I wasn't just sitting around staring at a 2-hour run.

    I've been using this machine regularly for over 2-1/2 years, so I'm not surprised that something's finally wearing out. It's done a really good job up to now. It looks like maybe just a new bearing and some disassembly/reassembly labor might be all it needs, but am I dreaming? It looks like quite a bit of the machine would have to come apart, and I'm a bit intimidated of having everything come out properly aligned again after putting it back together.

    Any thoughts? Gotta admit I'm also thinking about upgrading to one of the Shark models now, to make bigger stuff anyway. Kinda pricey though.

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    I figured out that all I had to do was pull the four x-axis motor mounting screws out, and pull the motor out a short distance. The bearing seems ok but sure has a sloppy fit on the screw shaft. Not really I diagnosed this problem correctly anymore. If it is the bearing, it's not listed in NWA's replacement parts. Hopefully it's a kind easily obtainable elsewhere.