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A Brit Snowbird goes NWA PIRANHA FX

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  • A Brit Snowbird goes NWA PIRANHA FX

    HI all.

    So lets start at the beginning.

    My wife is an American who after some years of enduring several Brit wet and windy winters, we decided to winter in Florida. This we now do. It was her Brother in Law that got me into pen making and general turning, but it also opened the door into CNC. as he works for Woodcraft. After much research I actually found that my near neighbour had gone into this and had bought a machine that had a pendant as has the Piranha FX. Of course there is no such thing as a mid priced one over here, so my thinkg led me to the decision that as I have a workshop of sorts at both homes it would be nice to have the SAME machines at either end. I found that the FX is dual voltage and as the routrer is entirely seperate from the FX control a Brit version that fits would be ideal, So I made enquiries and eventually arranged for one to be shipped over here. It arrived on time, but I have to admit that the shipping and import duty were a bit eye watering. That said though the total cost was about $1500 les than the one my neighbour bought, The work tables are not too disimilar. I use a DeWal spindle that fits the mounting exactly.

    So yesterday I did my first cut. Just the word TEST as seen in a youtube video. I admit though that on the first try I didn't have the clamps really down tigh and the work piece started to edge sideways, I had to hit the STOP button PDQ. Second try it worked as it shoud and I was pleased with the result.
    For a while before this I had been using the Trial Version of Vectric to get to know how to set up toolpaths and all the rest of things unknown, The problem of course is that you can't save toolpaths.............

    One point of frustration is that the Touch Plate instructions in the manual bear NO resemblence to the screens I am getting in the Pendant, and it just will not work. But that will have to be the source of another post to try to resolve it. I do see that some others have the same problem.......

    So I do think that after this experience with starting into CNC with the FX should any others on this side of the pond be wondering if it is a good idea, then my answer is 'go for it' . My machine is running perfectly and I think that IF a problem raises its ugly head it would probably be some part of the electrics like a stepper motor, and as NWA told me that is easily and cheaply sorted out without having to send the machine back. Hopefully this won't happen...fingers crossed.

    So now back into the shed and have a go at something else. This will be a coaster with a red epoxy inlay around the edge and her initial in the centre, OK , so how do I finish it?

    Best to all out there


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    Make sure you post some project pics.


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      Hi All

      Well, after almost three months of climbing the learning curve I think or hope thatI am just starting to climb it. It has been a very interesting and time consuming journey too. After several false starts I managed to create some of the simpler objects. Hopefully the method is now firmly lodged in the brain filing cabinet so that they can be retrieved at any future date.

      I think at this point I should own up to being nearer to 90 than 80 and do have a severe sight problem. This is one of the reasons I took up CNC as a hobby. When doing the computer work I can zoom in until I can see the screen details and so create the tool paths as needed. I mention this because I know of some that are totally blind but are still makers of note. Obviously CNC is not for them , but sheeer determination gets us as far as we can

      So here are a few pix of what I have done so far..
      I know the carving on the box lid should read ''Herein be Treasures'' But as yetr I only have a few cutters so nothing small enough to get into the letters.

      My best to all on the Forum.