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  • How do you tram this thing

    We learned a new thing. Tram the router. Yes we're new.
    I just swung a dial indicator on t he table and found the router is aout .065 out of kilter left to right. That’s only over 12 inches. I haven’t even checked fore and aft yet.
    The technique is ¼” bit in one end of a piece of hard maple and the dial indicator on the other. It is a good and rigid set up.
    I don’t see any way to adjust the angle of the router in its mount like higher end machines other than to loosen it and shim with paper or something.
    Anyone have some suggestions on truing up the router so it’s perpendicular to the table?

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    I see I'm not the only one with this problem. Only solution I've found is shims, and that is certainly a poor solution. I have two Piranhas (my house and my son's house) and had to shim both. One of them is real close to true, the other still quite a bit off. Just have to live with it and be prepared to do quite a bit of sanding on most pieces.


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      After searching around and talking to Next Wave they suggest using aluminum foil folded as much as necessary under the low side of the router clamp to level it out.
      This is going to be a fiddly bit of work for both axis. I could do the angular math but I'll just do the foil thing. I know it's been a while but I hope to get around to that next week.


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        After two years I'm replacing the Bosch router in one of my Piranha's. I see there has been no fixes to this problem, and not even a peep out of the NWA folks. I'm really disappointed with them not adressing this problem on an otherwise very nice hobby machine.


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          Art - I don't understand the complaint. A hand held router has a life span. When I was using a palm router, I'd go through one every 300-400 hours of use. Bought them at a big box store with the warranty plan - and took the old one back and walked out with new one. Not sure I understand how this is an NWA defect - ?


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            It's been a while since this was posted but has anyone had any luck with a fix besides the tin foil for this problem?