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Does NWA monitor these forums? It doesn't look like it!

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  • Does NWA monitor these forums? It doesn't look like it!

    You know, if I were in charge of Customer Relations, Tech Support, or anything like that for NWA, I'd be monitoring the forum posts and trying to help out when issues crop up. I'd be all over stuff, to keep people from getting pissed and broadcasting bad feelings about NWA to the world in general.

    Do they not know that's important?

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    You are not the only one that feels that way. It makes you wonder if they are not answering because they don't have any idea of how to fix a problem and are just trying to learn from us.

    They can send you a new item to replace one that is defective but they can't seem to use quality control to limit the number of items with problems being sent to customers, like the laser units with the defective shaft installs. If they would check to make sure the units were good before they are sent out it would be much better than to have the customer fix the problem and let everyone know how their lack of concern to deliver quality products has pissed them off.


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      I'm pretty ticked, that's for sure. I'm serious when I say I wish I could return this thing and get my money back. I don't even want to try the 3D printer module yet... who knows what disaster that might cause??


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        Ya know, I write a blog, and contribute to a couple others. I have a lot of followers on FB. If I don't get some real satisfaction from NWA soon, I know that I am going to tell everyone about how sucky this whole thing is, and how poor the support is. It's not just "payback" (although some of it is, no lie). It's more about "People need to know how lousy this equipment is, and how poor the support is, so they don't waste their money."


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          It's worse than that really. Even if it was returned for full refund I'd be out $1K worth of accessories from other vendors that I can't return and that completely ignores my time plus the cost of not being able to do things on schedule that would have made money and are now six months late or cancelled.
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            I know. I had several things planned for Christmas presents, and now have not been able to do them. I've wasted several pieces of nice oak because of the screwups with zeroing and so forth, and wasted a lot of time as well. I've bought some accessories, but I figure I'll be able to use them for other things--t-track clamps, a 1//4 to 1/8 router bit adapter, and so forth.