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    Does anybody have any idea why I lose steps on the X Axis ( and ONLY on the X Axis ) on almost every project I make ?

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    Almost certainly something is loose. Do you get any movement if you take hold of the x-axis lead screw and try to move it left/right? If you do - the locking bolt is loose - from the motor shaft to the lead screw. Push it away from the motor, and tighten it. I use wood glue in the threads to help lock it in - but not required. Can also look at the carriage to see if there's something loose in there.


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      Nothing, absolutely nothing, is loose. I have checked EVERY screw,nut, bolt, or fastener on my piranha. It does NOT seem to be a mechanical problem. But, kbfarms, thanks for the response.


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        Well, if you're absolutely sure that mechanically you are 'good' - and even better if you can duplicate this on a job that doesn't take much time/material to run -

        Power down the control box, swap the X cable with the Y and vice versa. At this point, your Y axis and X axis are reversed, and the job will be 'backwards' (like looking in a mirror). But - run the job and if you have the same problem on the Y axis, you've narrowed this down to the control box, cable, or motor - contact NWA support with that info and go from there. Electrical can happen, but of course the most likely culprits are mechanical. Good luck.


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          Just wanted to Thank you for this post; especially kbfarms. I could move the gantry manually about 1/8" but couldn't see the adjustment. With your note I was able to see the recessed set screws on the motor. It didnt' appear loose, but I 'tightened' it anyway - Problem solved. Thanks very much.