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What point are people mounting their Dewalt router in the mount.

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  • What point are people mounting their Dewalt router in the mount.

    Hi I'm wondering if I should have mounted my router all the way down so the yellow housing of the router rests on the mounting plate or should I mount it higher. The ryobi in the picture for the system has a lot less silver "collet" then the Dewalt. I don't know if this actually matters but just wanted a consensus. Thanks

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    This is how I do it so there are no hidden problems that show up later. Run the Z axis all the way down, insert the shortest bit you have into the router collet as deep as it will go pull it out about 1/8 " and tighten the collet. (DO NOT TURN ON THE ROUTER) Put the router in the router clamp and lower the router until the bit touches the bed. With a sharpie mark your route right above the router clamp. This mark is at the highest point that the router needs to be set. If you set the router higher than this point your bit may not reach the full depth of cut when cutting a project.

    Now run the Z axis all the way to the top. Put the longest bit you have in the router collet, make sure it is not bottomed out and tighten it down. Use a straight edge against the bottom of the Z axis support (see picture) and lower the router in the router mount until the bit is 1/4 "above the straight edge, use the sharpie to mark the router above the router clamp at this point. This is the lowest point that the router can be set if you want to use the full thickness of material the machine can cut. This leaves the 1/4" for rapid move clearance but you do need to make sure you have the settings correct in your design file for the clearance gap so you don't go too high and max out the Z height.

    Now you can set your router where you feel you can get the best use for the materials you plan to cut most of the time. One more thing to consider with the Dewalt router you need to be able to get to the shaft lock so you can change bits.
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      Thanks that's a great plan. I'll be doing that today to get it set up maybe it will help with the other issues of dragging cuts that I'm having.


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        Did you read in the Dewalt manual that it needs factory service for the brushes every 100 hours of use? That seems pretty short to me.


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          Yeah, I wish they had stuck with the Bosch Colt. I already have one of those, and it would have been easy to swap out if something happened. (Dewalt is made by the same company that makes Black & Decker, as well as Porter-Cable, by the way)


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            The Dewalt is better because of the lack of quality in grinding the Bosch collet over the last few years. Plus the bearings of the Bosch are mounted in plastic while the Dewalt bearings are mounted in metal. And the Dewalt will give you more Z adjustment when attaching to the machine because of the long cylindrical shape. Too bad it wasn't a brush-less motor: quieter, no wear, more power, less heat. I did check the run out of the Dewalt standard collet vs the precision collect and am quite pleased with the improvement even though the Dewalt has less run out than the Bosch does to begin with. It will save us a bundle of broken mills and give better quality cuts.


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              Here is some more information on the Bosch collet:

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                Well, I've only used my Bosch Colt for general woodworking and so forth, so I haven't needed super-precise collet fits. But thanks for the heads-up.