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Using the USB DRIVE To update the controller

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  • Using the USB DRIVE To update the controller

    Can I update the controller using the USB drive rather than connecting my pc, to the pendant?

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    You update the controller via a USB cable connection to your PC, and the Pendant via USB flash drive. Do you have the 3.0 Control Panel?


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      My controller has V3.64 (dated Jan 25,2017). The pendant has V4.44 (Jan 17, 2017) When I connect my PC direct to the controller nothing changes. I tried registering my touch plate, but the instructions are vague and I can't seem to register the plate. When I connected my flash drive to the pendant, the file I downloaded was not found, even though I can verify the file is present. Exactly how should I approach registration and future upgrades? I'm by no means a computer whiz, but I have used computers and files for many years.


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        Both the controller and pendant are updated through control panel 3.0. Download it here

        In 3.0, go to the help menu at the top, and you'll see a section for updating your controller and LCD. Follow the on screen instructions and you'll be updated in no time.

        You also register accessories through 3.0, including your touch plate