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Tricks, Tips or Whatever..Help aligning Laser on Datum (Center or Corners of Project)

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  • Tricks, Tips or Whatever..Help aligning Laser on Datum (Center or Corners of Project)

    After cutting out a project, then preparing to laser, what is the best way to align the laser head on my project. I'm new at this..... Can anyone give some suggestions? Thanks

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    Hi Randy,

    If you already machined your piece out, but the X and Y Axis are still properly set to 0, just insert the laser as you would a bit, jog the Z axis to where the laser head is 0.1" above the material, re-zero your Z axis, and run your laser file. If the piece is completely machined out, it will be impossible to perfectly set it up to laser engrave. Your last run should always be the profile (or through) cut.

    If you plan to laser engrave first, and then cut the piece out, I would recommend using a vbit to set your X and Y axis', as it can be difficult to set those with the laser head attached.


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      Thanks Brandon,

      I'm making Christmas ornaments and have cut them out first. Then I was going back and laser. You are correct, almost impossible to align. I worked with it yesterday a good bit, and came up with measuring with a digital mic. A little aggravating, but seems to work. I was hoping someone had the "Magic" answer.

      Again, Thanks



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        Yes, at this point there is no magic answer with them being cut out. Hopefully you didn't machine out too many!

        My future recommendation would be:

        - Make one large vCarve file with as many ornaments as you can fit on one piece,
        - Set the X and Y with a Vbit, then insert your laser
        - Run the engravings you want on every ornament
        - Cut them all out

        This is how I would personally do it. I'm sure there are many users on here that have other suggestions as well!


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          I think you probably have the correct answer. I've only cut out 40...... That's OK. There is one "for sure" I have learned with this machine, you have to get on it and practice. I don't think there is many shortcuts. But all good. I'm learning as I go.

          Thanks again.