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Piranha PCB isolation routing

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  • Piranha PCB isolation routing

    For the past several weeks I have been trying to get my Piranha to do isolation routing (Metal engraving) cleanly. After experimenting with several tips, feed rates etc... here is what I have come up with that works and what I could get for performance metrics

    Using V-carve to generate the g-code
    Bit: 0.1mm V bit 20 degree pitch
    Feed Rate: 150 mm/min
    Plunge Rate: 15 mm/min (too fast and you break the bits)

    Trace width is 0.5mm
    Traces are cut with a 0.005" Allowance offset at a depth of 0.001" (sorry for mixing units of English and metric)

    Here are some results for a breakout board for SOIC parts I was testing against ... (The part is a TLE9201). I validated the traces using a microscope and continuity test.

    Feel free to ask me any questions about it... As I said - I struggled with it for a while but after getting it dialed in thought I would share for anyone else wanting to do PCB isolation routing as NWA shows on a video they have.

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