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Engraving Metal Without Laser Module

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  • Engraving Metal Without Laser Module

    Hey Everyone,

    Looking to use my FX to make a little side money doing custom engravings. Does anyone have experience using these machines to metal etching? Such as dog tags, trophies, knife blades etc. Any knowledge on appropriate bits/spindle speeds/general method would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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    You can use a drag bit or a cutting bit. It would help if you said what types of materials (metals, plastics, wood etc.) and types of objects (pictures, text, vector art, etc.). Do you already have a machine and what one?


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      Thanks Fean! I should have included that information. I have a piranha FX and I am hoping to engrave soft metals such as aluminum and perhaps up to brass.


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        Do you want to just to simple text, pictures, vector art? Do you have a preference for carving or drag tool?


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          Hey Big02010 -

          I was working on a similar setup except for PCBs which are a bit trickier, I just posted a new post on what I did, they came out great. I used a 0.1mm V-Bit with a 20 degree slope. I am not sure what depth you are looking to do but this little machine always keeps amazing me what I can do with it.



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            20 degrees is pretty narrow, who make the bit?


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              I agree Fean - I had my doubts, - especially being 0.1mm - I thought they would break - but the didn't (once I was able to hold the pcb tightly and using the 20 degree). I got them on Amazon (probably made in China), but was very pleasantly surprised. Here is the part number I ordered
              YIYATOO 20pcs 10° 15° 20° 30° 3.175mm Carbide PCB Engraving Bits CNC Router Tool 0.1mm
              ... they came in a 20 pack. assorted. The 10 degree was too narrow, lol it broke right away. Shipping was quick as they shipped here from the U.S.


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                direct link, thanks. The description says tungsten steel which is clearly wrong as they are steel or tungsten carbide, likely the later. The 10 degree will work fine as long as you treat it as a micro milling device which means very tight run out collet, high rotation speed and very accurate and rigid motion stage. Which means they would be tough to use on any NWA equipment but if you were careful enough maybe you could get away with it.