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Spindle speed.

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  • Spindle speed.

    I am pretty sure on this but, when I specify a spindle speed in the speeds and feeds section of the software (V-Carve), this has no effect what so ever on the speed of the router, does it?
    On my Piranha XL there is a control box the router plugs into but that just turns it on and off right?
    I have to manually select the speed of the Bosch Colt from the selections on the router.
    I did a search on this and did not get anything relevant.

    Thank you in advance.

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    The spindle speed setting will have no affect whatsoever on your router. You adjust the rpm's of the router from the router itself. The spindle speed setting is for machines that have their own spindle. As of right now, the variable spindle control is only available for our larger machines and are still being beta tested.

    And yes, the control box is only for turning the router on/off.

    Hope this helps!