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New to this... need help wtih Sense Probe on brand new FX XL

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  • New to this... need help wtih Sense Probe on brand new FX XL

    Just unboxed and set up a FX XL. Went through the steps in the manual to mount and set the x,y offset for the Sense probe. The small piece of wood I was using to test it was only 7" on X and 4" on Y. After calculating the offset and entering in the numbers on the controller, I ran the app to find center. The probe started it's run but when it got about 4" from the edge of the piece, the bit was at the farthest left it could go. I IMMEDIATELY STOPPED THE OPERATION! With the sensor mounted about 3 inches the right side of the router... how is it supposed to actually sense the left side of my wood without ramming the gimbal on the left X axis? As I see it, I can only use this add on to sense smaller pieces of work which sit mainly on the right side of the piece to be carved. Also, since it has the ability to use the same probe for virtual can I get the z of the left side of the pieces this way?

    Maybe I just dense! ANY suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!! An internet search turned up NOTHING!!!


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    Hi Bahamasboy,

    I would flip your design in vCarve to run along the Y Axis on the Piranha XL, and then position the piece accordingly. It will give you some more room in the X, and the Y has longer travel anyway.

    The probe is not used for Virtual Zero, that is all done with the touch plate.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks Brandon. I tried it on a smaller piece and it worked great!! Just wish they had made the attachment arm in a place closer to the spindle so that centering larger pieces was easier.