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  • Obstruction Error

    After setting up the Digitizer on the LCD panel,starting the scan, from the start position the Z axis steps up about an inch. Then I get an error window on the LCD claiming : "Digitizer Stopped! Clear Obstruction Press OK to Proceed". There are no obstructions. No where near travel limits on any axis. Formatted USB in LCD panel. Unit does sense the probe as I was able to use the 'Center Finder' program. I am unable to find an answer to this dilemma in the supplied literature or any other Help venue. Anyone have an answer to my problem. Thanks.
    Shark HD-4 Extended, Controller v3.64, LCD panel GUI v4.34

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    When the obstruction message appears, try to flick the probe and see if it goes away. If this works, you should be able to continue. When did you purchase this probe?


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      I am encountering the same problem. When I flick the probe it does indeed start moving, but then is somewhat erratic. it moves along the y axis properly for about three steps, then moves up even though it did not hit anything, Sometimes it will alternate between sideways and up three or four times. Eventually it says it hits an obstruction and fails.


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        I am experiencing the same problem. I just purchased this unit. How did you solve this problem? Thanks!


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          Same here, exact same issue