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Advice on moving to a new computer running Windows 11

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  • Advice on moving to a new computer running Windows 11

    I'm currently running my machine on a 7 year old Laptop that was upgraded to windows 10. The old computer is showing signs of failing.

    The machine is a CNC Shark I bought near the end of 2013 with Control panel 2.0w. the 2.1 firmware installed. and there is no pendant required.
    I took a picture of the registration info. page and it lists:
    CNC Control Panel Software registration key
    CNC Control Machine registration key
    CNC Control Touch Plate registration key

    I ran this machine for my business till 2017 when retired and move and just run it for a hobby now.

    I bought a new laptop that is running Windows 11. I hope I can download compatible software and connect to the machine via USB.

    Please advise!


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    Honestly I don't think that will be a problem. I know Vectric and NWA both have counters (for lack of a better term) on their software Vectric allows the software to be loaded on up to 3 computers, I think NWA is similar. Since there has been some downloading/loading issues over the past couple of weeks, I'd be careful. However if any problems occur contact tech support, they are pretty good at resolving these types of issues.