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Firmware upgrade for Laser Yet

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  • Firmware upgrade for Laser Yet

    Has a firmware upgrade been released to get the 7W laser to work with the Aspire laser module?

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    Not released yet. I am in the process of testing the latest firmware. They are real close, but still have a few adjustment to be made.

    The over burning issues have been resolved, but still working on the pictures.

    The fix is going to be both Post Processor, and Firmware.


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      Any updates on progress?


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        If I write what I want to write in here at this point, I may find myself being banned from this forum.

        Vectric is done with what they needed to do on this problem (3 - 4 weeks ago). Everything has been turned back over to Nextwave.

        As for any updates, I have none. Seems that Nextwave is more concerned about testing with Ready2Raster, then with the Vectric software they distribute with the machines.

        I tested 2 files last week, neither worked on my machine. I sent another e-mail to them, and no reply.

        I'm about to sell my system.