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HD2 Shark. slop in x direction

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  • HD2 Shark. slop in x direction

    I put a piece of painted metal on the bed with a .010 v-bit. brought tip down into the paint and pushed on the bit in the x- direction when measured it was almost .1"
    Is there an adjustment that I need to tighten to minimise this movement? Hoping someone can help

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    Hey Harold, does your CNC look like this? If so, wasn’t that kind of movement common on those early sharks? Did you just discover this and never had it before, or did you just notice it, and it may have always been there? Is it causing problems now it didn’t before? The reason I'm asking is because the plastic router/spindle mounts were/are notorious for movement and play in their CNC line all the way through to the HD4. Starting on the HD5 they replaced them with a much more rigid aluminum mount. They even sell a “high performance” kit for the HD4 to try and stiffen the mount, but I hear it really doesn’t do much. So, unless somethings came loose, it may just be the nature of the beast.
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