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X - Y Axis’s Not 90 Degrees To Each Other

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  • X - Y Axis’s Not 90 Degrees To Each Other

    I have had my HD 510 for a few weeks now. After I added a spoilboard and fences I discovered that the X and Y axis are not 90 degrees to each other. More like 92 + - . I don’t see a way to adjust via the gantry, so maybe under the bed ???

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    Same thing with me. I emailed Nextwave and they sent me instructions on tramming the router but that has nothing to do with squaring the x and y axis to each other. I replied to their email for additional instructions but so far no response. I think you can adjust the bearing blocks under the table but I don't want to do that until I can verify that is the correct procedure. Anyone have an answer?


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      They sent me the same info after my first call. Not even close. After two more techs, I got the right answer. The bed has to come off, all 8 gantry arm bolts loosened, plus the 2 center bolts. I then squared the gantry arm to the Y tubes and reassembled. My machine is now bang on. What a pleasure to do 2 sided work and have it line up
      I have a couple of pics that I took during adjustment, if anyone would like to see them, pm me.
      Side Covers: I’m not sure why I put these on to begin with....except that the instructions say too. They make it impossible to service the undercarriage. To avoid removing the gantry, I cut them off.


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        Ok, so I removed the bed and found that the gantry was not square with the Y tubes. Loosened all the cap screw bolts plus the middle torx bolts then squared the gantry with the Y tubes. All is good, my X and Y axis are 90 degrees! Thanks Alan


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          Good, I’m glad it worked out for you too. When I was all done putting things back together I noticed some side to side, or play in the X axis screw ( most likely from me forgetting to change the datum point and crashing). Simple enough, remove the 4 stepper motor screws, pull the motor out and tighten the connector. Not for me. The first screw I tried just spun in its hole and wouldn’t back out at all. The other 3 performed fine, but I ended up drilling the head off the stripped one. My guess is that there are embedded nuts in the gantry arms and that bolt was over tightened during assembly at the factory and the nut spun.