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Ready2cut basic "air cut" issue

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  • Ready2cut basic "air cut" issue

    I was clamping a piece close to my vectors, so I was going to run the program in air cut. It would run my first pattern fine. It was an oval. My second set of vectors was a rectangle with inside radii. The program ran the first line of the tool path and then stopped at the start of the radius. Long story short...The same program will run fine, when not in "air cut" mode. I discovered this by setting my z zero above the work surface, not using air cut. I have contacted tech support. They contacted me and said they got the exact same results as I did and said they were sending my information to the software engineers to look at. They said I should be seeing an update flag on a software launch soon. So the temporary work around. If you want to air cut, just zero your z axis above the work surface to test a program instead of using the air cut feature.

    I tried numerous recommendations I found on the web to resolve this issue. Powered USB hub, changing USB cord, different electrical circuit to power the CNC, different .tap files, different shape tap files, different baud rate on USB port on PC, different USB port on PC, different power settings on PC.

    This issue would occur at exactly the same place on two different .tap files with rectangles with inside radii. Same thing...would not proceed into the radius in air cut mode.
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    Well there were several hot update last week. It suppose to have fixed the issue. I'm not sure if does or not ... I do not use the "air cut" feature.

    However, the fix broke something else. The first GO line fails to execute properly. For example, if you have spindle at home (0,0) and start the run, it would not move the first (x,y) coordinate. But, it does execute the z position move. Outcome, the spindle first cut will start at (0,0,z). Ruined my fence.

    If the spindle is over the material from zeroing the z-axis, it would start cutting right there.

    I have ruined several pieces thinking it was me. But, I can reproduce the problem consistently.

    I have already submitted the issue through the ready2cut software.