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Ready2Control Installation Issues

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  • Ready2Control Installation Issues

    Is anyone else having trouble installing Ready2Control on Windows 10. I have it working fine on one Laptop, but on my main laptop it crashes and shuts down right away and gets to the login screen then goes away. I'm trying to figure out what might be interfering. Before I get all kinds of recommendations. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times, turned off the virus checker, and gotten rid of almost every boot up program. Kind of perplexed.

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    dbiancosino, did you find a solution,on your own or did you need to call Next Wave support for help? Either way, could you let us know where your issue stands and/or how you corrected it as many of us may have the same issue when attempting the upgrade ourselfes. Thanks!


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      I called support, but solved it on my own. Ready to Control would not install correctly. For some reason my msinfo32 wasn't recognizing anything so I reset winmgmt and a clean install of Ready2Connect and that fixed everything.

      so run msinfo32 (just type it in) I was not getting anything. If you do, your probably good. If not look into how to reset winmgmt


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        I appreciate sharing this fix, you probably saved many of us untolled hours of frustraition, Thanks!!!