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HD5 - Using the 4th axis & the laser simultaneously?

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  • HD5 - Using the 4th axis & the laser simultaneously?

    With my HD5 purchase in December, I got the 4th axis and laser with my machine. I'm about to move into finally checking them & it doesn't seem like the controller can handle them both at the same time due to them both using the same ribbon port. That was one of the big perks for me of going with the HD5 package that I purchased.
    As I'm scrolling through the NWA site, I'm seeing that there is a 4th axis motor board available here. It looks like this is what is needed to add in to the controller box (in the expansion slot).

    My question is... If I get this, can I use the laser & 4th axis simultaneously? (I'd assume so, but don't really want to assume, since I assumed I already had this ability when I bought this.)

    Thanks for any advice here!

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    These forums do not appear to be monitored much by Nextwave, I would email tech support for a quick answer.


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      Thanks Scott. Actually I did that first on Friday. Waiting for a reply... thought I might get a speedier response here in the forum.
      i always feel that it’s good to post the issues public where its searchable & might help others with the same question. I’ll post the resolution here once I get an answer.


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        So far, it's not looking promising of using them together, which is disheartening. See below for reply from NWA Support. I did follow up with this question & still waiting for a reply. Just poked them again after 2 days. I sure hope they can figure out a way to make them work together.

        Additional question...
        I found the 4th axis driver board on your website that looks like it could be used inside the controller and free up that port on the front for the laser. I was hoping that it could be as easy as that, but obviously the programming has to be there within the controller/pendant. Are there any plans of making them work together?

        First response...
        Thanks for contacting us today.

        The laser and mini 4th axis are unfortunately not compatible with one another at this time. Both use the 24 pin connector port on the front of the controller for their respective hubs.

        Next Wave Automation Tech Support
        Support John
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          Too bad, But there is always hoping that "at this time" means it could happen!