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Shark Pro HD losing control of x axis

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  • Shark Pro HD losing control of x axis

    Hey I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with the shark pro HD losing control of the x axis. It will chatter and screw up the project and then when I try to jog it manually sometimes it will go in the opposite direction or not move at all.

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    Not sure if this will help, but I just got a brand new HD5 in December. I had some not too clean cuts & noticed play in my X axis. On the left gantry on the inside, there is a little collar that has a small allen screw in it. It looks like there should be 2 screws, but apparently they only come with 1. Mine was loose & sliding all over. That fixed my issue. I'm wondering if yours might have slipped so far that your motor might think that it's in a totally different X location? I'd check on that. Hopefully, it's as easy as tightening that screw. Here's a video of what mine was doing. This is right on the other side of the X motor. Good luck!


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      Hey thanks for the reply. It’s not that but I have found that if I wiggle the x axis plug it seems to work fine for a while and then stop working again. I have checked the plug on the control board for a dry solder joint or anything and it all looks fine. The pins on the plug itself all look fine as well. Does anyone have any ideas?