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HD4 gantry upgrade to HD5 Z movement is half

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  • HD4 gantry upgrade to HD5 Z movement is half

    I upgraded my HD4 gantry to HD5. Started using it and noticed the Z axis is move half the amount on the read out. I am guessing there is a different pitch on the HD4 vs HD5. X axis seems fine.

    Hope there is a parameter adjustment that can be made. Let me know.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Just purchased a new HD5 unit. Having the same problem...z axis movement is half. Help!


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      I called NWA support. The fix is simple. The model number needs to be changed from 4004 to 4003. Go to SETUP. Then scroll to MODEL NUMBER, update 4003.
      I would restart machine.
      That fixed my issue


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          Thanks for the information. Fixed my issue!


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            How do you like the HD4 to HD 5 Gantry upgrade?


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              The upgrade is very good and i would do it again.
              Improvements from HD4:

              HD5 gantry stiffness is 2 times the HD4 design. I measured force versus displacement and mapped several positions. This results in better surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

              Drilled holes were round to 0.001 on HD5, HD4 holes were more than 0.005" out of round.

              Easier to mount router or spindle.

              Wires are safe and neatly in track, nicely done.

              Straight forward bolt on upgrade.

              Finer pitch on Z lead screw, will allow better Z control.

              Opportunities for improvement or minor differences.
              Need to update the model on controller or it will cut half of the Z dimension.

              My router sits higher in mount so I needed to lower gantry to the lowest mounting bolts holes to reach the bed with the bit. This reduced the total realistic Z travel. But it is a good and smart trade off as you can always move it back up if you have a larger piece of material.

              I would have like to seen the side be made from solid aluminum but that would incease the weight. The steel plates sandwiching the plastic seems to work well, increase stiffness without increasing weight.

              Hope this help. Let me know if you have anymore questions.