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Random circles in my carves...

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  • Random circles in my carves...

    Periodically my HD4 will carve a random circle / swirl somewhere in the carve. The circle isn't in Vcarve's preview, nor is it in the design. I've done 1 carve and the circle is carved, then I've replaced the wood and hit "run file" in the CNC Control Panel and the carve goes as designed / expected. Either the control panel is throwing erroneous Gcode or the HD4 controller is having issues. This does not happen all the time. However it has randomly ruined carves. I'm hoping that it doesn't do this while carving an expensive piece of wood.

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    I have Run into the same problem on my piranha using the CNC control panel. I have to close out the program and reopen it.


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      Same issue turned out to be the Control Panel software, once re-installed everything seems to be ok