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  • Piranha set up

    Hoping someone can help me out...I'm just trying to set up my Piranha FX. I watched the (way too short) set up video and it shows X, Y and Z connectors attaching to the controller. I didn't get 3 connectors; I got 2 and both of them are marked Z (but my controller has slots for all 3). Since I can't get my Piranha to work, I'm not sure if the connectors are the issue or I have another problem going on. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Your machine should have 3 motors attached to it. The X and Z connectors are loomed together, and the Y connector (coming from the motor on the base) should have a connector as well. For the two that are loomed together, plug one of them into the "X" on the controller and see if it moves the X or Z axis. One of the connectors was probably just labeled wrong. Make sure your controller is powered off when swapping connectors.