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Whole machine "chatters" when moving

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  • Whole machine "chatters" when moving

    Some help please. I ran my first simple test program and everything went fine. In showing a friend how it works, I ran the same program. About 15 minutes into the project the machine started squeaking when moving, I shut it down. I have since tried to run the program in "air" cut mode and the whole machine chatters and squeaks with any movement it kind of shakes the router so no way are you going to get a smooth cut. Kind of like the rails are super dry. I tried WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube but it does not help at all. Is there a better product to lubricate the rails if you think this might be the problem. Thank you for any help. Can't use machine like this.

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    Well, at face value this is electrical - but you never know. I assume you've double checked all the cables and they are securely attached, and have rebooted the machine.

    Some things you can start to look at - and then get on the phone with support vice emailing and tell them what you found.

    1. Power it down. Then, using your hands, rotate each of the 3 lead screws - to move that axis. Do you notice any binding or noise? Can you move the lead screws back and forth to any noticeable degree?

    2. While powered down, find the lead screw nut associated with the lead screw you are manually rotating - does it appear to be properly mounted? Should be flush to the machine and screws seated.

    3. If the machine passes #1 and #2 - disconnect all but the z axis cable from the Shark control box. Power it on. Jog the machine along the z axis. Do you get the noise/chatter?

    4. If #3 passes, power down, disconnect the z axis cable and connect the X cable. Power it on and repeat, but now on X.

    5. Repeat for Y axis cable.

    If you were able to limit the chatter to one or two of the axis - for example you only find you have chatter along the X axis. Power it off, plug the X axis cable into the Y plug on the Shark Control Box. Power it back on, and use the Y axis buttons to jog the machine along the X axis. If you have no chatter in this mode, you now have a solid thing to tell support - and this would be an electronic issue.

    If you have chatter along all 3 axis, and you don't have any loose connections, this is an electrical issue - and NWA should swap out the component causing this (at face value the SCBox.

    While I doubt it is contributing to this degree, I'd also recommend you ensure that there are no other electrical devices on the circuit you are using to power the SCBox. Historically some folks have run into problems when a shop vac or other 'noisy' appliance was on the same line.

    Look forward to hearing what the solution to this is in the end.