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  • A mind of its own

    I have seen this issue posted on other forums and it just recently happened to me.
    When cutting the path just takes off on a tangent to the workpiece. I just recently purchased a Shark II and have cut several dozen parts without a problem.

    Any ideas?

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    As a long time user of NWA machines, I have seen this and read about others experiencing this. I believe it is the result of a loss of signal, or an interference in the signal of some kind. There is never anything 'wrong' with the tap file.

    In my case, I live in a rural area and the power is flaky. I have power conditioners in front of my HVAC, TV, etc. When I first started out 9 years ago, I ran into this every now and then. I purchased a UPS (used for computers in the office/home) - not for the battery backup - but for the power conditioning. Back then, you also controlled the machine using a computer vice the tether - so I put in a shielded USB cable. I have not experienced this since then - now on my third machine.

    I also don't run other electrical devices on the same power circuit - like shop vacs, drills, etc.

    So, I'm not going to tell you this will solve it in your case, but this is what seemed to work for me. Unless you have a mechanical issue that would cause the machine not to be able to move to a certain spot while carving - a bind, chunk got up in there, etc - I think it is electrical. If all the connections are tight, and this is not repeatable, it is interference in my opinion. If it is repeatable along a given axis - even if intermittent, there is a chance of a weak or broken solder joint or wire.


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      I have considered using a UPS on my system also. Haven’t done so as yet. I do have them on several other pieces of equipment, ‘putters etc.
      This issue happened twice at exactly the same spot on the profile cut. I contacted NW Tech Support, sent them my files and pictures of the part.
      My toolpath for this profile cut included a rather long ramp set that (which I didn’t notice) they suggested I remove the ramp and try the cut again. I did and have since cut two of the gears and they both came out great. So far


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        Thanks for the update on your problem and resolution. I'm sorry, I didn't think to ask about if you were using a ramp. That being said - didn't you 'see' this outcome in the preview in VCarve? In either case, I'm glad you got it resolved. Ramps are useful - and you can control where they start and their orientation in VCarve so that they don't 'run over' the rest of the project.


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          No, in the preview, run several times, I did not notice anything.
          Maybe you can answer a question as I don’t find any nameplate data on my Shark II control box. Do you know what the max current draw is when the unit is running. Excluding the router.