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Shark II problems with new machine

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  • Shark II problems with new machine


    Hello everyone, new to the forum.

    I have a new Shark II in my shop. All set up and working fine. the pendant is on, I can jog in all three axis, set to inches. used touch plate to set z axis, no problem.
    I have followed all directions using video for "open sign" on vcarve desktop. had no problem setting up machine or using software. but.... even though all dimensions for job are correct in vcarve, the router is cutting a Tiny little 1/2 inch sign...
    I am saving the toolpaths as (g-code inch)
    the v-carve software is set to inches not mm.

    I cant figure this out ... Tried starting over at beginning with new file three times... hmm. Please help

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      Hi Pete - you need to select the CNCShark-USB Arc (inch) post processor -


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        AWESOME! Thank you very much for your help. That did the trick.


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          I Have another Question about V-carve....

          On The Shark II, The Y axis is the long axis of the machine. Naturally I would like to machine my longer projects along the Y axis.
          My problem is: When in V-carve desktop, the long axis is the X axis, and I cannot find a way to rotate my project 90 degrees before I start working.

          So, I open a new file, put in my workpiece size... say X=6.0" Y=25.0" Z=.75"
          As soon as I put in the sizes, v-carve stands my project on end.

          anyone else run into this problem.

          I bow down to those with greater knowledge than myself... lol



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            Hi Pete - I've read that some folks have finished their VCarve project, and then rotated it in VCarve. I can see that working, but it has a lot of risk in my opinion and also hard to undo, make changes, rotate, etc.

            There is a mechanical solution to this to swap the X and Y aspect of the Shark.

            1. Take the gantry off, rotate it 180 degrees, and re-install ('backwards' from installation instructions).

            2. On the Shark Control Box - plug the 'X' cable into the 'Y' plug, and plug the 'Y' cable into the 'X' plug.

            Your machine is now thinking that the 'X' axis is along the 'long' edge of the table.


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              Thank you for your response... I'm not sure that i want to make big changes to the mache... yet... lol I may try software adjustments first.


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                No worries - this is what I've done for over a decade now - I've always had an extended bed machine and this has worked the best for me. Enjoy