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Trouble with the 3d Print Head

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  • Trouble with the 3d Print Head

    (An original post of this was in Piranha but I did not receive much luck in that forum...) I have had a great amount of success with the Router capability of the piranha from wood to SMT PCBs, and just over a year ago I had been able to get 3D printing for PLA and ABS really good. After a bit of time using the router, I went back to print a few items, and now the 3D printer doesn't feed well, and often get jammed. I have switched from the ABS I had been using to new PLA using the same PLA settings when I was successful, however neither the new ABS or PLA seem to make a difference. (see some of the work I posted a few years back on the 3D printer)

    I contracted NWA just before Christmas and they weren't much help other than saying they are only supporting the 3D printer in a limited capacity since they are discontinuing the product and can't provide any documentation. I am not sure if the extruder parts (gear, nozzle) need to be replaced. I am more discouraged since they won't provide documentation to the design or the software in source to at least allow a community support...???!!! All I know is that I am unable to get the 3D printer to print / feed reliably... Has anyone else come across this, etc... ideas??? Should I just bag the piranha 3D and go for a refined 3D only printer (that will have support) ?

    I have set the tension screw per the instructions and have also varied the amount of engagement attempting to to see if that would help any.

    -- Turns out its not an MK-10 and I can't figure out which one or if it is NWA original? There are extruder gears that mount on the stepper also available. The tensioner are part of the NWA design? I do see 2 grommets / rubber washers that may be holding some type of spring tension for the filament, that perhaps are no longer pliable enough to do the job anymore...??? Considering using another extruder head if the parts replacements of these items don't pan out. The 3-axis + 4th for the feeder are pretty straight forward, all it needs is a head mounted tot he gantry of the design to print which is all NWA really did anyway. Would be good to know feed amounts etc... if using alt. stepper than the one mounted for heads that could be used instead...


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    I am finally trying to get my 3d print head set up and finding out that they have taken down almost all of the instructions (or maybe they never existed?) The link to the software doesn't even work. If they don't want to sell any more, that's their call, but don't leave those of us who invested in these things stranded!