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Touch-Plate Z-axis zero

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  • Touch-Plate Z-axis zero

    I have a Shark HD-4 and in using the 'touch-plate' to set Z-zero, I find that the tool moves down and touches the plate, then pauses, still in contact with the plate, for like two or three seconds. Is this normal?

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    Hi rayray,

    Yes, this is normal. It should not affect your results at all. Are you still getting an accurate Z-Axis reading?


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      Seems to be reading zero ok, I just expected it to touch and immediately move up... I just mostly wondered if it was maybe putting pressure on the tool point.


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        It shouldn't put any additional pressure on the bit. However, if it is worrying you, here's what you can do.

        1. Slow down the speed at which the Z Axis comes down towards the touch plate. This is accomplished by going into apps>touch plate calibration and simply changing the value
        2. Make sure your bit isn't too high above your touch plate before running the calibration. If you decrease the speed, you'll increase your wait time for it to touch off significantly.


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          Thanks Brandon... may do the 'slow-down' although it doesn't move very fast now. I usually position the bit like an inch above the plate before I tell it to 'go'. Hasn't broken any bits yet, so probably not really an issue.. Thanks for the interest.... rf