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WARNING! LASER burn in progress. Door knob sign.

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  • WARNING! LASER burn in progress. Door knob sign.

    Here's a simple and fast project combining a laser burn with a carve. I got tired of using sticky notes to put on the door to the "shop" whenever I was doing laser burns. This project creates a very visible, wont fall off the door, warning that a laser burn is in progress. You may want to add additional text advising wearing eye protection - my sign is for me, and I know what it means. The small hole in the "bottom" end is so I can hang the sign next to the door. However, depending on the type and size of your doorknob, you might be able to make that hole bigger and hang the sign upside down on the knob for storage. I used a 1/4" x 6" x 24" poplar - relatively inexpensive at the hardware stores, and applied a "Barn Red" semi-transparent stain.

    If you're not familiar with combining laser with carve: do the laser burn first, then use the witness mark (at 0.0, 3.0) to reset X and Y. That way the laser burn will be in the correct location.

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