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That chess board and the pieces

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  • That chess board and the pieces

    HI all
    OK I am jumping the gun a bit but I'd like to see some advice abaout this project.

    I am happy now with two sided machining so I want to try the Chess Set.
    Being now housebound in the UK I use the Piranha CNC which has a rather limited work area, roughly 12'' by 12''.
    Looking at the various files for the pieces I see that they are quite big, the pieces that is not the files. The thickness is 2''. so for me to make these and the board at a size the cnc can handle I would have to shrink everything by 50%.

    In the past I have shrunk stuff in the 2D view but my question is does this also shrink the 3D models the same. so in essence the work piece would be reduced from the 2'' to 1'' and the carving would then be 1/2'' per side.

    I hope I am getting this right, but if not can someone pleas tell me the right way.

    Thanks in advance

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    Using this should do it for you,


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      Thanks Scott. Looks like that will sort it out for me. I shall try it. EG