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A test of the digital duplicator with the Piranha FX

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  • A test of the digital duplicator with the Piranha FX

    For an upcoming project I need to create a number of identical small models. I figured that I would add a Digital Duplicator to my Piranha FX to help with the intended task. A small test "head" was sculpted from Fimo clay and baked to harden it for 3D scanning. On an area of 1.125" by 1" I set the resolution at .005" to pick up the detail that I will need. The Piranha FX moved along at it for 51 hours! Quality takes time. Bottom line...the system worked beautifully and the project can move along as planned.

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    Follow up pics...


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      Thank you for sharing, I have wondered how well the duplicator performed, 51 hours WOW !


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        Scott, there are a number of factors affecting scan times with a touch type probe. In addition to the most obvious culprit (resolution), the depth of the scan can really add to the time factor. This little head is just under 3/4" thick so I had the probe lift up 3/4" (for clearance) between each scanned point then go back down for the actual scan. This really slowed things down! I used the recommended 10 inches per minute for the movement. I will be experimenting with how fast the probe can move without compromising the scan data. The size of the ruby probe tip will affect scan detail and rate.

        I searched all over the internet for a real review of the Next Wave Digital Duplicator but had no luck. I had used a similar type of probe with my older Roland Modela machine and was pleased with the scans on it. So, I decided to take a chance on the one offered by Next Wave. The goal for me was to easily get a detailed usable scan. The length of time to create the scan is not as critical to me as the scan quality. The little Piranha FX did a beautiful job chugging along for 51 hours with zero complaints. I am extremely pleased with my setup as it easily does what I want to do.


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          Don't get me wrong I am impressed with the results, If I was not currently looking to buy a new table saw this would be my next purchase.