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The Brit snowbird gets into two sided machining.

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  • The Brit snowbird gets into two sided machining.

    Hi all.

    Been doing this for 4 months now, but still a total newbie techwise.

    When I started I just wanted to learn each step thouroughly before moving on, so I can hopfully remember how to do all the various steps when and if I am actually called on to create something,
    I had looked at all the free stuff and there was so much I thought I'd never need to design anything.
    So I reached the Double Sided Machining level at last.
    Many years ago my Brother in Law had mad a trivit on a saw bench, well before cnc came along so I thought that might be a good place to start.

    I had seen a video of how to make the turnover easy and accurate, and it went like this.
    On a larger piece of MDF pocket out an area of the exact size of the work piece to half its depth , so that the work would just fit in and be locked in place.
    I made a 6 inch square piece of pine, .7 in thick, and pocketted that into the 1 in thick MDF. Just a nice snug fit as it turned out.
    The actuall designing was a lot easier than I had imagined. Being rather non techie I admit to being clueless, but the various tutorial videos eased my mind a lot.
    In the end the maths was rignt but for some reason the placement of the reverse side was about 3/16ths out diagonally. It looked fine in the Preview, but the cut was not.
    You can see the result in the pix.

    I enjoyed the whole exrecise and learned a lot.

    So much great stuff being made way beyond my capabilities for now, but progress is being made.
    Best to all out there.
    A1 (1521 x 1140).jpgA2 (1521 x 1140).jpg