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  • Moray Laser Clear Acrylic

    At the moment it looks like I’m the only one that owns this thing. Well here is the next thing I wanted to share. I searched high and low for a reliable way to etch clear acrylic and found some ideas but most looked sloppy. I tweaked the existing idea in a significant way. Here it is:
    1) coat your acrylic in black plastidip or flexidip
    2) make sure it is thick enough to block most light as it peels better thick
    3) make sure the target acrylic is suspended so that the back of it isn’t touch your table. This prevents the back side from etching
    4) shoot your image at about 20/min 100%
    5) peel off the plastidip and you will be left with a clean deep etch

    now we just need to get NWA to up the image resolution to at least 600dpi as the current maximum shows lines

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    Hi - you mention suspending the acrylic. How did you do that? Can you post a picture of the setup as well as the outcome? Thanks.


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      I'll get some pics the next time I make a trophy but I think I can describe the suspension easily. You simply need to make sure that the area the laser is going to cut is not touching the table or anything on the backside of the target. I used 2 pieces of wood to hold the target area of the project about .25" away from the table. If the laser hits something opaque that is touching the acrylic the acrylic will be marked. This is what you are doing on purpose with the plastidip. The blue laser passed right through clear acrylic so you need something the laser can transfer energy to in contact with the acrylic.